We are a network of consultants providing services to the private sector, military, and nonprofits in conflict and disaster.

About Us


PTP Consulting provides innovative solutions for people in crisis. Whether disaster strikes a populated area, civilians are trapped by an internal conflict, refugees have spilled across the border, or violence is being perpetrated against a specific group of people, PTP offers a response.

Protecting people in today’s crisis requires partnership. The humanitarian community stands to benefit from the wide range of interest that private corporations and the security sector have shown in emergency response, developing capabilities that can be more widely shared within the international community. We build partnerships that protect people.


PTP Consulting founder Sarah Williamson has over 20 years of experience in the humanitarian sector, leading teams in complex emergencies and advising agencies within the United Nations, Red Cross, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). She is a recognized expert in humanitarian protection. Her career began in 1992 during the Somali refugee exodus into Kenya. She has managed programs for refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs), and vulnerable people in the Haiti earthquake, Southeast Asian tsunami, along the Thailand-Burma border, the Philippines, Afghanistan and Pakistan, South Africa, Senegal, and Hurricane Katrina in the U.S.

Sarah works to assess the risks faced by people in conflict and develop prevention strategies that reduce the likelihood of violence. She does so alongside national governments and civil society organizations, building their capacity and level of participation in achieving peace and security. She also works with U.S. military components, UN peacekeepers, foreign militaries, and national police.

Sarah holds a Master of Arts degree in Forced Migration from the Refugee Studies Center at Oxford University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from Gordon College. She speaks fluent French.


PTP has an extensive network of experts in the field of emergency response, civil-military affairs, and corporate innovation. Contact us about forming a unique team to meet your goals.